Exclusive Story with Charanjit: Championing Body Confidence and Empowerment Through Fitness

Charanjit Toor’s story is one of remarkable transformation and resilience.

Born with an underdeveloped left arm, Charanjit felt alienated and faced constant scrutiny in her community from a young age.

Her physical difference was often met with pity rather than acceptance, casting a long shadow over her early years and contributing to struggles with self-esteem and an eating disorder.

“Ever wondered what it feels like to be a prisoner in your body? Hi, my name is Charanjit, and I spent 38 years feeling trapped in my body. I had no choice over the hand that I was dealt with (no pun intended), and I was born with an underdeveloped arm from birth. My left arm is shorter and ends with a ball with five baby fingers sticking out of it.”

The societal pressures were immense, particularly in the context of arranged marriages, where she faced repeated rejections.

“I used to get told my arm looked “cute,” but to me, it looked ghastly, and I hated being different. I felt like an outsider in my community from the moment I was born. Growing up as an Indian, society never celebrated my disability—a lot of women used to speak to my mum in a pitiful tone. From the outset, I felt the pressures of appearance, and as a result, I felt like damaged goods. In my early teens, I developed an eating disorder and then began wearing a prosthetic arm.

I spent my teenage years wearing thick jumpers during summer as I felt safe knowing my arm was covered up. I considered having surgery to remove the baby’s fingers as I was sick of children being scared of it.” – Charanjit. 

Charanjit Toor

Leaving behind a successful 12-year career in law, Charanjit turned to fitness, which she credits as her therapy. In the gym, she found mental and physical strength, ultimately leading her to become an online women’s fitness coach.

Lacking self-esteem and feeling the cultural pressure of arranged marriage, I was often rejected by potential suitors. The turning point in my journey started after my mother passed away unexpectedly from cancer. Watching her go through chemotherapy and disintegrate into half the woman that she initially was killed me slowly inside. – says Charanjit.

She was the only one who understood me. After initially embarking on a dark path and turning to alcohol to heal my wounds, I decided to take action.

I was sick of feeling disconnected in my skin, and I wanted my children to see real body confidence. I made myself uncomfortable by joining a gym; fitness became my therapy. I became mentally and physically stronger and decided to quit my lawyer job of 12 years to follow my passion and become an online women’s fitness coach. I inspire other women to celebrate themselves and rewrite their stories like mine.

I finally feel free in my skin. I recently wore an outfit I could have only previously dreamt of wearing. I no longer cover up and identify as someone with a disability, and I know this is my superpower in life.

Charanjit’s influence has been profound. Recently named the “Inspirational Role Model 2024” at the She Awards, her work has changed lives and reshaped perceptions. 

After being honoured with the “Inspirational Role Model 2024” award at the She Awards for my influence on empowering women, I am grateful for the opportunity to amplify my message of self-acceptance and inclusivity. Partnering with Saashi London, an Asian Fashion Brand, for their primary campaign was a pivotal moment in my journey.

This collaboration symbolizes my mission to redefine beauty standards and represent those often overlooked or unseen. Together, we are breaking barriers and fostering a culture of accepting and celebrating diversity.

As I continue on this path, I am determined to use my platform and voice to bring about the change desperately needed in our society.

Her impact extends beyond personal coaching. Charanjit has touched the lives of countless women, empowering them to build resilience and redefine their identities.



I’ve had the privilege of touching the lives of countless women, empowering them to forge new identities by cultivating mental and physical resilience.

Every day, I’m humbled to receive messages from women who find hope and inspiration in my journey. I’ve had the honour of guiding clients out of depressive states and witnessing their transformative journeys unfold.

One client described feeling reborn, a testament to the profound impact of our work together.

Charanjit receives messages daily from women who find hope and inspiration in her journey.

In addition, I’ve organized free online challenges for women facing financial constraints, offering them access to valuable resources and daily motivation to support their growth and well-being.


Through her dedication and tireless advocacy, she is not just a fitness coach but a beacon of change, encouraging all to embrace their imperfections as their superpowers.

As she continues her journey, Charanjit remains committed to breaking barriers, cultivating a culture of acceptance, celebrating diversity, and proving that true beauty and strength come from within.

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