In Conversation with Giada Zosi

Giada, let’s talk about you. 

My name is Giada; I was born and raised in Italy and moved to London after finishing my Master’s Degree 5 years ago.

The original plan was to work for an NGO here. However, fate had other plans for me. I decided to pursue my true passion for photography, which eventually became my full-time job.

Beyond my professional life as a hospitality photographer, I also curate my travel and lifestyle Instagram page. I can express my creativity and share my biggest passions with my community here. 

What inspired you to become a travel influencer, and how did you get started in the industry? 

Becoming an influencer wasn’t my conscious decision; it happened naturally without deliberate intent.

Initially, my page was just a personal space where I shared my travel experiences, photos, and recommendations with my friends. Surprisingly, my page gradually gained traction, and I unexpectedly received invites to explore various places in London. Back then, I wasn’t even aware such invites were a thing.

I did not understand how they worked or whether I would need to cover the costs involved. It wasn’t until I connected with fellow bloggers that I understood how this world works. Then, I started contemplating the idea of doing it more professionally. My goal was to invest in new photography equipment to elevate the quality of my content. 


How do you decide which destinations to visit, and what factors do you consider when planning your travel itineraries? 

When selecting my travel destinations, my choices are influenced by different factors. First, I consider the goals I want to check off my bucket list. Also, opportunities that arise from my online presence can play a role in guiding my travel decisions.

I find inspiration in various sources, including fellow creators who often spark my curiosity and prompt me to explore new places. 

When planning my itineraries, I consider several factors like a place’s landmarks, landscapes and history. Engaging in activities that resonate with the local culture and indulging in their authentic cuisine are also important. Sometimes I plan my itineraries around restaurants I want to try.

Naturally, I’m mindful of capturing visually appealing content, so I gravitate towards destinations that offer “Instagrammable” spots. I also consider the weather and seasons a big part of my decision-making process. As certain places have a particular charm during specific times of the year. 

What are some of your favourite travel experiences and destinations, and what made them so memorable for you? 

My most extraordinary journey to date was undoubtedly my recent one in The Philippines. This trip was extraordinary for me, not only because it coincided with my 30th birthday but also due to the sacred landscapes and unforgettable experiences. Highlight was swimming with whale sharks or waterfall canyoneering and helmet diving.

Each moment was memorable. However, what truly elevated this trip was the Filipinos’ genuine warmth and kindness. Despite the hardships and poverty they faced, their positivity and smiles were truly admirable and inspiring. This journey was the definition of a dream trip, made even more remarkable because I could share it with my partner.

It was a testament to the quote that holds a special place in my heart: “Happiness is only real when shared”, as beautifully portrayed in the movie ‘Into the Wild’. 

How do you balance creating compelling content for your followers with your desire to enjoy your travels and have authentic experiences? 

Before travelling, I usually create a mood board taking inspiration from the locations I visit.

Once I have that visual inspiration, I develop a content plan and ideas so that when I arrive at a destination, I know what to do and can make the most of my time without getting lost in decision-making. 

Now here’s the thing, I aim to find a balance between capturing content and immersing myself in the experience.

I want to be present in the moment and savour every experience rather than spend endless hours behind the lens, so I prioritise being efficient when it comes to content creation while on holiday.

That means not getting too caught up in chasing perfectionism but opting for more candid and authentic shots.

After all, those spontaneous, genuine moments often end up being the ones that resonate the most with my audience.


What advice would you give someone just starting in the travel influencer industry, and what do you think are the most critical skills for success in this field? 

Starting a travel page can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, but it’s essential to do it for the right reasons. Instead of focusing solely on the appeal of free perks, I encourage everyone to embark on this journey because they genuinely love it; that should be the driving force behind any page.

You can create meaningful connections and inspire others by approaching things with authenticity and dedication.

Creativity is the most essential skill to succeed in this industry, which will make you stand out. This goes hand in hand with photography and videography skills, as high-quality content can be crucial in the travel influencer world and defining a niche that resonates with your interests and expertise to attract an audience who shares your passion.

It’s also essential to let your true personality shine through, as it creates a connection with your audience, building trust and loyalty along the way. Consistency is also crucial to success in this field as being patient and resilient.

Building a solid mindset is fundamental. As you may encounter occasional negativity or criticism, but it’s important to remember that these comments do not define you or your worth.

Not everyone will resonate with your content, and that’s perfectly fine. Instead of letting negativity bring you down, focus on your positive impact on those who connect with your work. 

What are the biggest challenges facing travel influencers today, and how do you stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant in a constantly evolving industry? 

One of the biggest challenges is that social media platforms frequently update their algorithms, impacting reach and engagement.

It’s difficult to keep up with these changes, but adapting your content strategy and exploring other platforms is essential. Diversifying your online presence can help reduce the risks of relying on only one forum.

It’s not easy to handle different platforms alongside a full-time job, so you’ve got to be ready to put in some serious effort and give it your all. 

Remaining relevant is also very challenging in this increasingly competitive field. The key is to innovate and find creative ways to differentiate yourself continually. I always try to seek inspiration from different sources, experiment with new formats and find ways to keep my content creative and engaging.

How do you manage your time and resources when travelling, and what strategies do you use to maximize your productivity and minimize stress? 

As mentioned, I usually create a plan outlining activities, locations, and content goals before going on a trip. I dedicate a limited amount of time during my trip to content creation, which helps me make the most of my time and ensure I don’t miss out on my travel experiences.

Adaptability is essential when travelling, allowing me to seize unique experiences or adjust plans.

Finding a balance between work and enjoyment is vital when travelling. Prioritising my mental well-being, managing my time effectively and maintaining a flexible mindset. This way, I can maximise my resources, minimise stress, enhance productivity while travelling and maximise the fun. 

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from your travels about the world and yourself? 

My travels, especially my solo travels, have offered me opportunities for self-reflection, introspection, and personal growth. Some of the unexpected challenges and unforeseen circumstances I’ve experienced have taught me the value of adaptability and resilience. 

I’ve learned to navigate unfamiliar situations, think on my feet, and find solutions when faced with obstacles. Some of my travels have pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged my limits.

They’ve made me discover hidden strengths, overcome fears, and develop a greater sense of self-confidence and independence.

Travelling has also taught me that kindness, empathy, and shared experiences can bridge gaps and create meaningful connections regardless of cultural or language barriers. After visiting different parts of the world, I’ve also witnessed different lifestyles and socioeconomic conditions.

This has massively grown a sense of gratitude for the privileges and opportunities I have in my life. I’ve learned not to take things for granted and to appreciate the simple pleasures and experiences that travel and life offer. 

What are your plans and goals as a travel influencer, and how do you see your role evolving in the years to come? 

I don’t have a specific plan for my future as a travel influencer; I want to inspire people, keep doing what I love, create meaningful content, and positively influence the travel community.

My main goal is to encourage people to embark on journeys that allow them to immerse themselves in different cultures and expand their worldviews. Ultimately, through showcasing the beauty of the world and offering valuable travel tips, I want to ignite a sense of curiosity and adventure in others, urging

them to step out of their comfort zones, embrace the transformative power of travel and discover our planet has richness. 

As for my role, my goal is to keep learning in the process, keep improving as a content creator and stay relevant in this sector. Build trust and give something valuable to my audience.

I’m very excited for the years to come and looking forward to exploring all the opportunities that might come along the way. I turned a passion of mine into a full-time job once; maybe I can do it again!





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