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Sharina, what inspired you to pursue a career in modelling, activism, and entrepreneurship simultaneously? 

My career as a model began at the age of 12. At such a young age, I always dreamt with my mind in the clouds. Then, I woke up one day and realized everything I’d ever dreamed of was in my life. The universe guided me to pursue my career as a model. So I could experience the life I have lived and live today. 

Overcoming life’s challenges and celebrating the victories life has blessed me with. Now, I can share my stories with the world. That is why I am here today. 

I am a connection activist, multi-entrepreneur, and international model, and I am proudest of my role as a mother. My mission is to guide journeys to form deep connections with self and others. To inspire the world that dreams do come true. I used my story to testify that anything is possible when you believe. 




Could you share a pivotal moment in your journey that fueled your determination to succeed despite challenges? 

One of the crucial moments in my journey that fueled my determination to succeed was a journey I travelled for over ten years as a model. Despite what the naysayers tried to make me believe about myself, I have always dreamt of becoming a sports-illustrated model.

I believed in myself and that I belonged. For over ten years, I was told my chances were slim because I am now a Mom of 3. 

I’m in my 30s, and I wasn’t sexy enough, and this last one is the kicker. I needed to be more influential. I remember waking up one day and having the most profound conversation with my husband.

I was starting to believe that my dream was unreachable. After a huge wake-up call from my husband telling me I hadn’t given this version of myself a chance, I decided to give it my all. This time, my way. I sent a video of myself, my journey as a model, and my family. That is when I got my yes. 

Today, it’s because I decided to choose me! I Am A SI Swim ROOKIE and am influential, sexy, and a proud mother of 3 in her 30s. Nothing will ever come between me capturing my stars. 

How do you balance your roles as a model, entrepreneur, and advocate for human rights? 

“Life is one great game.” As my mentor, Adam Robinson has taught me: a New York Times Best Selling Author and Author of The Great Game.

Through playing this great game of life, I’ve learned that balancing comes effortlessly when you embody every role you play—inhaling to listen, exhaling to talk. It has become everything that I am. I live and breathe the roles I play. If there are challenges, I take a step back and reset.

Those reset moments in life are critical, especially for families. We have 86,000+ seconds a day to choose to reset when times are trying. Also, when you love what you do, it no longer works. It’s fun navigating through life and seeing your dreams manifest into reality. 


What motivated you to establish Mama Mantra, and how do you envision its impact on families? 

We noticed as a family the power of technology and how, even in a world where technology is supposed to connect us. In a big way, it has disconnected us from human Connection, especially our families.

People sit at the dining table watching TV on their iPads or cell phones. Our mission at Mama Mantra is to bring Connection into the heart of our families. 

Mama Mantra encourages families to disconnect to reconnect offline in a technology-driven world.

Helping guide families to have deeper, more meaningful conversations and nurturing hearts, guiding journeys.



Can you elaborate on your experience as a sound guide and how it contributes to your overall mission? 

The power of sound has always played a massive part in my life. Since childhood, the vibration of what I say has attracted me.

Whether positive or negative. I’ve made it a mission to help guide the inner voices of every soul open to leaning into the deepest parts of themselves. To learn to love themselves fully. So they, too, can be magnets for love and success. 


What advice would you offer to individuals facing scepticism or discouragement in their pursuits, as you did with Sports Illustrated? 

My most excellent advice is no one can stop us from making our dreams come true beside ourselves.

But if you genuinely believe something is meant for you… there will be the naysayers who will try to make you doubt that you can make the impossible possible. Remember, even the Impossible has the words I’m Possible in it! 


How do you prioritize philanthropic endeavours alongside your professional commitments?

 I make it happen. It’s become a part of my DNA. We all have challenging moments trying to stray us from our purpose. Make time for what truly matters to replenish your thinking and energy tanks to make things happen.

That’s spending time with myself and doing what I love: cooking self-care. Then, spending time with family. I am individually showing each member of my family that they matter. I am then taking time to focus on one task at a time.

It’s ok if I don’t finish everything in a day. I need to remind myself of all the hats I wear and that I accomplish so much in a day.

People forget to celebrate life. Each moment you move toward your goals should be celebrated because it’s all part of the more excellent picture you manifest into your life. 


Please share insights into your involvement with The Model Rev and your efforts to empower representation. 

My collaboration with the Model Rev was to help fellow Filipinos like myself have a chance to spread their wings and make their dreams come true. When I started modelling 22 years ago. There weren’t very many of us in the industry. Today, there is a melting pot of us in all fields of fashion behind and in front of the camera. I am proud to represent the Filipino community and help spread the love in any way possible. 


What have been some of the most rewarding experiences from your travels to villages and indigenous communities worldwide? 

The most rewarding feeling is knowing I am not only helping their community, but they have helped me heal and learn the deepest parts of me. I get to share those experiences with my family, especially my children.

The ability to show our kids that the more we have in life, the more we have to share. The importance of coming back to our roots and learning about Mother Earth. These are not experiences you can learn from a textbook.

I am grateful to share these worldly experiences with my family and show them a part of life most people are unaware of. That they can share with their friends and family one day. I am creating a chain reaction of positive change because it all begins with us. 


How do you believe your diverse experiences in the fashion industry have shaped your perspective on societal issues? 

I’ve learned that most of what we see on social media differs from what it’s portrayed. We are bridging fashion, influencing, and being a connection advocate. I’ve learned that the most significant thing we can ever do is connect.

That’s what we were put on this earth to do. Like trees would connect through their roots. We, too, as humans, are beacons of light for Connection.

How can we help each other grow as a community? That success is achieved by the community and not just by an individual.

My fashion industry experiences have shown me that it’s stronger than standing alone when you come together.

In what ways do you hope to continue inspiring others through your journey and accomplishments? 

My mission is to inspire people to follow their dreams. To make the “impossible”, “IM Possible”. You have to believe. Being able to do that, I am fulfilling what I was put on this earth to do. Honour God and serve. I am bringing humanity together and inspiring the future to connect and grow. 


Looking ahead, what are your personal and professional aspirations for the future? 

I am looking forward to the future. I see Mama Mantra being a cheerful voice in many families’ lives, helping families build everlasting bonds, following my career dreams, and turning them into reality.

One day, I will have my wings as a VS Angel. Because I am doing good on this earth. Earning my spot in the modelling industry.

Being on the cover of SI Swim one day. I was exploring the world with my family. Building an empire, I can pass down to my kids and their families, too. It’s doable. What do you think? 

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