Kasa and Kin’s : Fusion of Tradition and Modern Filipino Restaurant, Bakery and Patisserie

In just two years, Kasa and Kin has garnered significant recognition, including being named “Best Filipino Restaurant” twice by the Asian Catering Federation. 

This, coupled with a stellar 4.3-star rating on Google from nearly 700 reviews, underscores the restaurant’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Kasa and Kin is a new concept combining a vibrant all-day fast casual Restaurant offering fresh contemporary Filipino flavours with a Filipino Bakery / Patisserie outlet.

It is the culmination of a rich and meaningful history, blending the cultural tapestry of Filipino heritage with a vision for creating a unique culinary and social experience.

The concept originated from the founders’ deep appreciation for Filipino traditions, flavours, and the spirit of togetherness. The name “Kasa and Kin” was carefully chosen, reflecting the essence of home and family. “Kasa,” meaning shelter or dwelling, symbolizes the comforting embrace of a home, while “Kin” emphasizes kinship and connection, underscoring the importance of family bonds.

The inspiration for the restaurant’s theme and design came from the desire to offer patrons more than just a dining experience. The founders envisioned a space that not only celebrated the diverse and vibrant culture of the Philippines but also fostered a sense of community and celebration.

The history of Kasa and Kin is an ongoing story shaped by the dedication of its founders, the creativity of its collaborators, and the warmth of its community. It continues to be a space where the past and present converge, inviting guests to partake in a culinary and cultural journey beyond the confines of a traditional dining experience.


Kasa and Kin
Tell Us About the Unique Features/Decor of Kasa and Kin 

Within the restaurant’s confines, you’ll encounter an interactive art mural crafted by the Filipino artist Kulay Labitigan. This masterpiece portrays a vibrant tropical rainforest in a kaleidoscopic fashion, drawing inspiration from the mythical Filipino bird Ibong Adarna.

 This setting serves as the whimsical abode of the modern Adarna, creating an atmosphere for social interaction, healing, and celebration. The underlying theme subtly suggests that festivities will follow wherever the Adarna is present.

The mural unfolds as a visual narrative, with one half depicting a joyful congregation of people sharing food and exchanging stories. The diverse faces, painted in vivid colours, symbolize a rich tapestry of cultures, while their black hair captures the essence of a loose Filipino aesthetic. Complementing the theme, their attire showcases Philippine-inspired forms and textile patterns.



Visual devices that engage visitors add an interactive dimension to the mural. The first introduces an optical illusion featuring someone adorned in a striking headpiece reminiscent of Filipino festivities like Dinagyang, Ati-than, and Masskara. The second incorporates the universally recognized “Finger heart” gesture, targeting a younger demographic, especially those with Asian heritage. The third involves Creating a playful illusion of being part of an ongoing conversation.

The mural conveys a vibrant, contemporary, and dynamic ambience, subtly emphasizing celebration, diversity, inclusion, and togetherness.

Are there any interesting anecdotes or milestones in your restaurant’s journey?

The journey of our restaurant has been characterized by numerous significant milestones and delightful anecdotes that have played a pivotal role in shaping our distinctive identity. One particularly memorable achievement was the unveiling of the interactive art mural by Kulay Labitigan. This transformative masterpiece not only altered the physical ambience of our restaurant but also emerged as a central focal point, providing guests with an immersive and visually engaging experience of Filipino culture.

Another notable moment in our journey unfolded with the introduction of interactive elements within the mural. The optical illusion showcasing festive headpieces and the playful “Finger heart” gesture was met with enthusiasm, creating moments of joy and connection, especially resonating with our younger patrons.



We’ve had the pleasure of hosting various special events and celebrations, bringing the community together. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a cultural event, these instances of togetherness have added layers of warmth and vibrancy to the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

A heartwarming anecdote that holds a special place in our hearts involves a group of diners who evolved from strangers united by their love for Filipino cuisine and the ambience of our restaurant into a close-knit group of friends. Their regular gatherings to savour our dishes and share stories beautifully embody the spirit of kinship that our restaurant celebrates.

These milestones and anecdotes collectively contribute to the unfolding narrative of Kasa and Kin. We proudly received accolades from the Asian Catering Federation, such as “Best Filipino Restaurant” for two consecutive years.



We maintained a stellar 4.3-star rating from nearly 700 Google reviews in just two years, along with being featured as the cover story in the Caterer, the UK hospitality industry bible; Kasa and Kin stands at the forefront of shaping the narrative surrounding contemporary Filipino street food dining experiences. We eagerly anticipate creating many more memorable moments, remaining a space where individuals converge to celebrate, connect, and immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Filipino culture.

Highlight your most popular or signature dishes.

The menu offers diverse options, starting with freshly baked bread (pandesal) in the morning and customizable Imbento boxes for lunch. In Filipino, “Imbento” translates to “invent” in English. The Kasa and Kin “IMBENTO BOX” introduces a set meal concept, enabling guests to craft their dining experience by choosing from diverse Filipino street food options. This allows diners to embark on their flavorful journey through the eclectic tastes of Filipino cuisine.



As the evening sets in, the atmosphere becomes more laid-back, centred around the robata grill. Here, guests can participate in the art of preparing Filipino barbecue sticks. Our meat or seafood barbecue-sharing platters are favoured appetizers with various homemade dips.

For mains, our Beef Kare Kare steals the spotlight—a trio of slow-braised short rib, brisket, and roast bone marrow cooked in peanut sauce, annatto, and shrimp paste, accompanied by baby aubergine, green beans, and pak choi. It’s a contemporary twist on a traditional Philippine dish.



No meal is complete without desserts, and our establishment offers a tempting array of homemade cakes, refreshing purple yam (ube) treats like the Tsunami Ube cheesecake, slushies, and irresistibly luscious soft-serve ice cream.

 Share the story behind any particularly unique or creative dishes.

We aimed to craft a dessert that would leave a lasting impression on our guests’ dining experience. Inspired by the captivating Tsunami cakes crafted by our sister restaurant in the Philippines, we created a personalized Ube Tsunami cheesecake. The unique touch involved unveiling the cheesecake at the guests’ table, creating a delightful wave of icing and sprinkles, enhancing the overall dining spectacle.

We aimed to craft a dessert that would leave a lasting impression on our guests’ dining experience. Inspired by the captivating Tsunami cakes crafted by our sister restaurant in the Philippines, we created a personalized Ube Tsunami cheesecake. The unique touch involved unveiling the cheesecake at the guests’ table, creating a delightful wave of icing and sprinkles, enhancing the overall dining spectacle.



Our daily operations start with detailed preparation, where sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients and curating the day’s menu take precedence. This meticulous planning is a collaborative effort by our kitchen team, who work together to craft dishes that not only celebrate the depth of Filipino flavours but are also in harmony with the seasons. In the kitchen, our chefs wield their culinary skills with expertise and passion, ensuring each dish is made with precision and authenticity.

To uphold the high standard of our cuisine, quality control measures are strictly implemented, maintaining the consistency and excellence of our offerings. On the front lines, our customer service team excels in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, greeting guests, taking orders, and providing recommendations with the utmost professionalism.



Our restaurant is also a vibrant venue for events, celebrations, and gatherings, where meticulous planning and coordination are essential to our routine, ensuring every occasion is seamlessly executed. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is paramount, with regular cleaning and adherence to health protocols to guarantee the safety and comfort of our guests.

Furthermore, we invest in our staff’s ongoing training and development, equipping them with up-to-date knowledge of our menu, customer service excellence, and the latest culinary trends, all aimed at delivering an unparalleled dining experience.

Share any behind-the-scenes stories or challenges you’ve overcome.

Overcoming the hurdles of installing Kulay Labitigan’s interactive mural was an exhilarating yet challenging task. It necessitated meticulous coordination and collaboration with the artist to ensure its flawless integration into our restaurant.



Additionally, navigating the complexities of sourcing authentic Filipino ingredients highlighted the importance of establishing robust relationships with local suppliers to provide a consistent supply chain.

This was crucial in maintaining the authenticity of our menu. Adapting our offerings to meet our diverse clientele’s evolving tastes and preferences involved regular menu updates and refinements, a testament to our commitment to balancing traditional Filipino flavours with contemporary culinary innovations.

Achieving this equilibrium has been a continuous journey, marked by collaboration among our chefs to capture the essence of Filipino cuisine while adding unique, modern twists.



Furthermore, cultivating a positive workplace environment and team dynamic has been vital. Addressing initial communication barriers and building camaraderie among staff through team-building activities and open communication has significantly contributed to the inviting atmosphere our guests enjoy. At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to cultural sensitivity, ensuring Filipino culture is represented respectfully and authentically.

This delicate balance, aimed at appealing to a broad audience while honouring our cultural roots, necessitates ongoing cultural sensitivity training for our team.

Through these stories of challenges, we’ve enhanced the operational efficiency of Kasa and Kin and strengthened our commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience. 



The behind-the-scenes journey is a testament to our dedication to creating a restaurant that serves delightful cuisine and reflects the heart and soul of Filipino culture.


Contact Kasa and Kin 

52/53 Poland Street, London W1F 7NQ 

020 7287 5400


Bakery & Patisserie

Tuesday to Saturday: 11 am – 8 pm

Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm




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