Sanskruti Restaurant: Where Flavor Meets Tradition

Welcome to Sanskruti Restaurant, the heart and soul of vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine in Manchester and Liverpool. Run by the dynamic duo Jaymin and Hemali Shukla, this place is more than just a restaurant; it’s a journey into the heart of India’s rich culinary landscape in England.

From India to Your Plate

Jaymin and Hemali brought a piece of India to England when they opened Sanskruti. “Sanskruti” means tradition or culture, and that’s precisely what you’ll find here—a feast of traditional Indian flavours with a modern twist.

The spices and aromas transport you straight to the streets of India, making it a unique spot for food lovers.


Making Vegetarian and Vegan Cool

Since its start in 2013 in Manchester and a second spot popping up in Liverpool in 2016, Sanskruti has been turning heads.

It’s not just another restaurant; it’s a game-changer in the vegetarian and vegan scene. With nods from The Guardian and The Sunday Times, plus a spot in the top 50 vegan restaurants worldwide, Sanskruti is on a mission to show that plant-based food is anything but boring.

Dishes You Can’t Stop Talking About

Sanskruti’s menu is a treasure trove of flavours. The Veg Sheekh Kebab, a plant-based twist on the classic meat kebab, is delicious.

Then there’s the Paneer Lababdar and the Masala Dosa, dishes that are big hits with the crowd.


But it’s not just about the popular picks; it’s the unexpected dishes like Kaju Karela (bitter gourd curry with cashews) and Kela nu Shaak (sweet banana curry) that surprise and delight. Have you ever heard of Punjabi Kadhi Pakora or Vaghareli Khichi served in the northwest of the UK? Probably not, because Sanskruti is where you’ll find these unique dishes.

Fresh, Authentic, and Made with Love

What makes Sanskruti stand out? It’s the love and care poured into every dish. Sourcing ingredients locally and sticking to traditional cooking methods, Sanskruti isn’t just serving meals; it’s serving experiences.

Whether you’re a die-hard vegetarian or someone looking to try something new, the food here speaks for itself.

A Must-Visit Spot

Sanskruti Restaurant isn’t just about eating; it’s about celebrating Indian culture, tradition, and the joy of good food.

It’s a place that welcomes everyone, from those marking a special occasion to curious foodies exploring the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

As Sanskruti grows, it remains a beacon for anyone looking to dive into a world of vibrant flavours and unforgettable meals.

So, if you’re ever in Manchester or Liverpool and craving something different, Sanskruti Restaurant is the place to be.

Get ready to be wowed by the power of plants in a way you never thought possible. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you!




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