The 7 Best Summer Hairstyles for Women

Get your hair ready for summer with these five easy and stylish hairstyles!

Summer is the season for the ladies, but finding a summer hairstyle that works for you can be challenging. Look at our list of women’s top five summer hairstyles this summer.
Each of these styles has its own unique character and charm, making them all easy to style and flattering to all women. This is not a blog about haircuts; this is a blog about hairstyles that work for women any time of year.

The ultimate goal is to help you find fun and beautiful hairstyles that will make you feel good, look good and be comfortable in your own skin. We hope that we have helped you look your best this summer!

Whether rocking a bob or long locks, starting with a clean and straightforward base is key to any good summer hairstyle. If you’re short on time and want to quickly brush up on your summer haircuts, here are the seven best hairstyles for women this summer.

Short Faded Side Thinner Haircut
Long Faded Side Thinner Haircut
Messy Side Thinner Haircut
Medium Faded Side Thinner Haircut
Short Messy Faded Thinner Haircut

Add some waves: Beachy waves are always in style during the summer months
Put your hair up: From messy buns to braids, there are plenty of ways to keep your hair off your neck and face when the temperatures start to rise

Accessorize: Don’t forget to accessorize! A cute headband or scarf can take any hairstyle from boring to beach-ready in no time. It’s essential for women to know this on their own and not rely on some sort of fashion guide.


Casual Summer Hairstyles for Women
This is probably the easiest way for women to look relaxed and comfortable in the heat: loose waves with lots of texture using up-do’s or ponytails. It’s also a great way to make short hair more colourful and fun (just like summer!)
Skateboarder Hairstyles for Women

This is one of my favourites because it’s an excellent way to spice up any look and make it seem more spontaneous (even if you’re just getting ready for the weekend). There are tons of options here, from simple twists or buns to long flowing locks with braids or headbands. When choosing your styles, remember that messy textures are always great in the summer!

Beachy Summer Hairstyles for Women

If you want something more casual than “Skateboarder Hairstyles for Women,” try something like beachy waves or twists with lots of texture. This could also be a good choice if you want something subtle enough that it won’t stand out too much but still has a cute beachy vibe (just like summer!). This style is also best suited after a swim or during the day when it’s cooler. Still, if you’d prefer something more casual but still fun, try adding some jewellery and an accessory (like earrings!) along with your hairstyle!

Beachy Summer Hairstyles for Women

Do this instead! “Surf Style” is another easy way to dress up any look—beach-ready or not! Here I’m wearing a basic white tank top over my white shorts with flip-flops and a bright blue scarf tied around my neck as part of my beachy hairstyle. If I had worn this hairstyle before I went surfing on vacation last year

With these five easy styles, you’ll be ready to take on summer in style!

It’s summertime! And while you may be dreaming of a beach vacation, you probably also want to look your best. Whether going on a mini-vacation or a full-blown getaway, a good hairdo can make all the difference. While it may seem like a simple task to keep your hair in place on the beach, especially when wet and windy, there are some hairstyles that go beyond that.



With these hairstyles for women, you will have no problem keeping your hair in its best condition!

Trendy Side-Part Afro: This is one of our favourite summer hairstyles for women. It is fun and easy to do, and trust me — it will look great whether it’s raining or not! To create this look, comb out all of your hair from the front into a side part. Then use bobby pins to hold the long piece to make the sides of your look. Now flip up the top part (that looks like an Afro) so it points away from you. Secure it with pins or clips so no strands are visible or lose their length after being styled. You could simply twist your hair into a bun under your dress for an added touch of panache!

Braid That Bun: If you love buns but don’t want to go with them yet — check out this fun braid! Simply take three strands of hair and weave three small braids through them (the more braids you twist, the more volume!). Pull off any extra strands, so they don’t get tangled up in each other at any point during the process (on messy days). Wrap each strand around itself three times before securing with clips or pinning at the back if necessary!

Long Layers: If you love long layering dresses but don’t know how to do it yourself — what better way than with these super simple tutorials? Simply take two strands of hair (longer is better), then gather them into a pile by running them through each other over & over again until they’re about half as long as yours are already 🙂 As for styling — just clip or pin the layers together loosely for some serious volume and length control.

Eye-Catching Ponytail: A classic summer style that never goes out of style; try this ponytail instead! To create this look, simply grab two strands of hair from opposite sides and form two bunches.




  1. Awesome hairstyles. ..and the best thing about these hairstyles are that they are easy to do….and give the hair a voluminous appearance. I appreciate the post; you rocked it!


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