The Sea Garden and Grill: A Fusion Journey of Portuguese and South African Flavours

Explore the fusion of fresh seafood, innovative cocktails, and a vibrant atmosphere at SeaGarden and Grill, nestled in the heart of Tooting’s bustling Broadway Market.

In the lively streets of Tooting’s Broadway Market, there’s a culinary gem that beckons with the promise of tantalizing flavors and a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. SeaGarden & Grill, since its launch in November 2017, has been a beacon of fresh, crisp tastes sourced from Cornwall’s coastal bounty and the vibrant markets of Tooting. Owned by the visionary Nuno Fecha, this modern seafood restaurant seamlessly blends influences from Portugal and South Africa, resulting in a dining experience that is both familiar and exotic.

The SeaGarden & Grill

A Culinary Journey

Step into SeaGarden & Grill, and you’re transported to a world where the scent of the ocean mingles with the aroma of innovative dishes crafted with care and precision. The concept is simple yet captivating: family-style seafood sharing plates that showcase the finest ingredients and seasonal produce. From succulent Crab Buns, adorned with tempura soft shell crab and tangy pickled vegetables, to the indulgent Mussels bathed in a cider cream sauce, each dish is a celebration of flavor and freshness.


Sustainable Sourcing, Local Flavors

SeaGarden & Grill takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and supporting local producers. Fresh seafood arrives daily, sourced from trusted partners like Celtic Fish & Game, whose forty-year legacy ensures the highest quality catch. The Maldon Rock Oysters, a perennial favorite, are sustainably grown and harvested from traditional oyster beds in the River Blackwater, Essex, offering a taste of the sea with every slurp.


Cocktails That Stir the Soul

The adventure doesn’t end with the food; SeaGarden & Grill’s cocktail menu is a journey in itself. Inspired by the ocean and infused with molecular twists, each drink is a work of art designed to elevate your dining experience. From the classic Seadog Martini to the exotic Passion Under the Sea, every sip is a revelation. Signature G&T perfect serves featuring Tarquins gin add a refreshing touch to your meal, completing the perfect pairing of flavors.

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A Visionary Team

A team of passionate individuals works behind the scenes to bring SeaGarden & Grill to life. The creative genius of Nuno Fecha in crafting the dishes and the mixology mastery of Natalie ensure that every aspect of the dining experience is executed with care and expertise. Together, they have transformed a simple concept into a culinary destination cherished by both locals and visitors.

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Visit  SeaGarden & Grill

Embark on a journey of culinary discovery at SeaGarden & Grill. Located at 99-101 Broadway Market, Tooting, SW170RJ, their doors are open to all who seek to savor the flavors of the sea in a warm and welcoming environment.


Experience the magic of SeaGarden & Grill—a place where every meal is a celebration of life, love, and the bounties of the ocean.



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