What Everyone Ought To Know About Gender Equality

What is Gender Equality?

The idea of gender equality has been around since our very beginnings. As a result, there is a long history of discussing the relationship between men and women and how it should be.

What is gender equality? And what does it mean?

The term gender equality means many things to many people. For example, it can mean equal pay for equal work, sexual harassment protections in the workplace, access to abortion to prevent the death of a fetus late in pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy, abortion rights in the case of rape or incest, etc.

Often these are not issues at all — they are simply issues that come up when trying to understand what gender equality means to a particular person or group. Oh yes — there are still places where women can’t vote. And there are still countries where women can’t run for office (although, more often than not, they’re elected). In addition, it’s still too easy for men to get away with sexual assault and for women to face violence in their homes and workplaces.

There’s no point pretending that discrimination against women doesn’t happen — we know it does. We understand that some people will harass us, and some will discriminate against us just because we’re women. So stop pretending that discrimination doesn’t exist at all! It does! Because we know it does!

But what if we could get past our differences? What if we could stop pretending? What would be different?

I hope your answers to these questions aren’t too different from mine:

Yes, discrimination against women happens everywhere in the world.
Yes, some people will harass me, just as others will harass you.
Yes — I would like everyone different from me to be treated equally and more accepted than I am safe from being harassed by them.
Yes — I would like everyone different from me to be treated equally without dealing with the consequences of those actions in my life.
No – I don’t want anyone treated unfairly or discriminated against just because they’re different from me.
No — I don’t want anyone treated differently because their differences aren’t” – Sources.

Why is gender equality important?

Gender inequality is a cultural issue that affects our lives daily, whether in the workplace, academia or our families. It’s also a problem that affects all people of different genders. Gender equality is vital because men and women have the same potential, and we must strive to achieve gender equality in schools, workplaces and families.

It’s okay for some people to think that sexism does not exist in this world. But according to research by Pew Research Center, more than three-quarters of U.S. adults believe men are treated equally at work. That includes everyone from business owners to elected officials. Men are also less likely to be victims of workplace sexual harassment than women.


How can we achieve gender equality?

A man did something that shocked the world. Then, a woman did something that shocked the world. The media reported that women are less vocal than men, and when asked if they agree, 42% of the people said yes.

As a result of a survey conducted by researchers from V.U. University in Amsterdam. In their report titled “Gender Equality and Social Media,” researchers collected data on gender equality and social media usage in Western countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia). They found that males were more involved in social media than females. The results were alarming as 70% of males used social media while only 59% of females used it.

When it comes to gender equality, there are two ways to achieve it: positive and negative. Positive gender equality is when women use social media to express their opinions about feminism. In contrast, negative gender equality is when men use social media to express their views about feminists.


What is the best way to achieve gender equality?

The answer is simple: by having more women, men will have a far better quality of life than they currently do—a fact that everyone can agree with and respect. As long as the opposite sex gets more than them, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The question is – what are we doing about it?

Men and women are equal; that means that both have the same rights and privileges, should be treated equally and should benefit from their equal opportunities in every way possible. But, sadly, this isn’t the case in modern-day society, where there seems to be an unspoken prejudice against men and women being equal. But unfortunately, women still aren’t perceived as equals to men in most cases, which is ridiculous because they are human beings just like us.

There are some things that only women can do, such as cooking or cleaning (not the latter). I mean, what’s wrong with a man doing those two things? Yes, you might argue that he has no right to do any of those things because he doesn’t have any experience or capability for them; but then again, he should get rewarded for his efforts by getting paid for it. But who cares about pay when you can choose your reward yourself! Isn’t this an opportunity for others too?

Just imagine if all companies did this.

We need women just as much as we need men! We need them just as much as we need animals! So if we want to achieve gender equality, let’s start by acknowledging how great they are! Men and women deserve equal opportunities just like everyone else does!

What’s the best way to achieve gender equality? We should continue telling ourselves daily, “I will never let my wife cook.” How should we ensure gender equality is completed? Let’s not forget how many people believe they can make decisions without consulting anyone else first (because their boss told them). Let’s not forget how many people think it’s okay if their boss decides whether or not they get promoted because “they don’t know any better” (because their boss told them).

How Can We Support the Advancement of Gender Equality?

Gender equality is a term that has been thrown around far too often throughout history. But, unfortunately, it seems to be the thing everyone wants to talk about these days.
Gender equality is an important topic, but it isn’t easy, especially for young people who don’t understand what it means or how to achieve it. Gender equality does not have to be an abstract concept. As more and more people become aware of and interested in the issue, we can all play a part in making gender equality a reality.

Gender equality is a moving target, and we should work together as an increasing number of people are becoming aware that sexism exists and that women and men deserve equal opportunities and respect.

However, there is no reason we should still be fighting for gender equality when so many women stand alongside men against sexism and discrimination.

Here are some ways that you can help advance gender equality in your own life

Be aware of how you reflect on yourself and how you treat others. Even if you aren’t sure what the differences between men and women mean — try watching some youtube videos or books like this one by Joss Whedon or Jessica Valenti. These videos will help you to understand how men and women differ so that you can better relate to them.

Take action – If a girl tries to use the word “no” when she says she doesn’t want something, make sure she knows it isn’t acceptable! Or if your boyfriend tells his friends he doesn’t want any attention from girls unless they go out dancing with him (Yes, I did say dance), tell them not only is it unacceptable but also don’t let him get away with it!

Support women – We need more female leaders in our country (and abroad)! Around the world, organizations promote Gender Equality and equal rights for all genders. For example, Women of the World International organize events such as #HoldTheFrontPage and Women Against State Propaganda.




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